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My Fitness Journey

Like many of you, fitness did not come easy to me. as a kid, my household was all about sports. My days were spent playing anything we would get our hands on. however, did I consider myself to be an athlete of any sort? The answer was no. i was an active kid, needed to move, but generally speaking, I would prefer the sofa and my video games before any ball or puck. it wasn't until one day, my older brother had subscribed to a local gym and things changed.

Until this moment, i didn't know anything about dumbbells, barbells, nor fitness for that matter. my brother's gruesome tales of the pains and aches felt at the "gym", after a traditional bodybuilding routine left me wanting to know more. while his body was transforming physically, i was evolving mentally.

Being curious, I remember going to my local "depanneur" and buying my first ever muscle & fitness magazine. The first images of Ronnie Coleman's insane veiny biceps left my eyes glowed up like the lights on a Christmas tree.

Up until this moment, I didn’t know how fitness was going to impact my life but it did.

This triggered the competitive side of me and i enrolled in judo, soccer, kickbox and weigh training. out of these sports, nothing triggered me more than the feeling i would get after a hard training session at the local gym. the rest is like we say, "history". 10 years later, and many difficult moments of post secondary education and i found myself still emotionally and physically connected to the lifestyle of fitness. The reality is that more than ever, this passion has become a part of me and has transcended into a business that I am proud of.

So that's my story, what's your fitness journey? How did get into fitness? What first motivated you?

Have a great day everybody :)

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