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Cardio vs weight training: WHO WINS?

Every day, many of my clients (and people, in general) ask me the question: “What’s better for losing fat? Weight training, or cardio?” The ultimate battle for the perfect training regimen is not as clear cut as Hercules’ godly origins. Both have benefits that are essential to your fitness and should not be neglected when looking for that perfectly sculpted body. In this article, we’ll be looking at different ideologies and extracting strong points for each training method.


(1) Reshapes body

Probably the most amazing quality from weight training is the fact that lifting heavy dumbbells and barbells can reshape your body. That’s right. BOOTY, BOOTY, BOOTY. Weight training gives you an opportunity to battle your genetics and physically modify that body that your mama gave ya. The adaptation to stress creates hypertrophy, and women⁄ men will benefit almost immediately from the added inch to your arms, legs or glutes. So, no matter what people say about you having “bad” genetics, hard work in the gym can reverse that.

(2) Boosts metabolic rate